On the road towards redefining Virgo

I’m very interested in exploring and writing about my understanding of the Virgo archetype. I believe a huge distortion has been made since…well…the onset of the patriarchal times (which falls into the category of “the world as we know it”..unfortunately). And I don’t mean “men” when I say patriarchy, just to be clear. I mean a certain paradigm we live in and which has shown it’s limitations that affect both males and females. Patriarchy is a concentration of characteristics which we indeed associate with the male side, but unfortunately these are not serving men either, as I believe we need to integrate both male and female, yin and yang parts in ourselves to be whole. Continue reading


The confused teacher or Chiron in the 9th house

A lot of times, I just talk about stuff with people, while I’m usually trying to understand the things I’m talking about, analysing them, tossing and turning the stir fry of ideas in my head, getting out of the conversation as feeling even more unsure than before.

When suddenly, the other person says: “Wow, thanks, you really understand this, you are able to put this in words in a way that it expresses exactly how I feel….I understand now…”. And then continues with something, apparently diverting my ideas, and tells me that their thoughts about this arrived after or during our conversation, or more exactly, my pseudo-monologue. Continue reading

Looking into the…Scorpio’s(?) eyes

Just a relatively short background explanation on this: I’ve been recently single – recently meaning more than six months. But when you are coming from a 9 year old relationship, I guess that could qualify in this category.

So along these lines, I do the “dating thing” sometimes, but I’m more in the “wanting to get to know new people and discover the world and me again” phase. Which could last a lifetime, of course. Otherwise sure, my Venus in Libra would like to fall madly in love with all these perfect scenarios running in the back of her mind. Or just to dream about it all the time. To live continuously in that feeling of falling in love. Sure.  Continue reading