Looking into the…Scorpio’s(?) eyes

Just a relatively short background explanation on this: I’ve been recently single – recently meaning more than six months. But when you are coming from a 9 year old relationship, I guess that could qualify in this category.

So along these lines, I do the “dating thing” sometimes, but I’m more in the “wanting to get to know new people and discover the world and me again” phase. Which could last a lifetime, of course. Otherwise sure, my Venus in Libra would like to fall madly in love with all these perfect scenarios running in the back of her mind. Or just to dream about it all the time. To live continuously in that feeling of falling in love. Sure. 

Anyway, back down on planet Earth (and this is important here), yesterday I’ve had an interesting encounter with this guy, a friend of a friend, for basically the first time being just the two of us, after we’ve met before in different situations (usually implying friends and beer). So in this case, just the two of us. The beer was there though. And, as it proved later, maybe two much of it.

Now, this is a section where I’m writing very non-scientifically about sun sign (or other sign) stereotypes. Because, why not. Sometimes it’s funny (when we are not bashing Virgos, that is 🙂 ). So keep that in mind please and don’t judge. Or do (if you are like me), but do it mildly and with compassion.

Soon after the beginning of the evening I started guessing his sun sign (or ascendant, as one might come across that one more easily). This guy was relatively small, kind of massive shoulders, he had something very earthy about him, in the hobbit kind of way. Sorry. Or in the viking kind of way, which is actually not far from the truth – I don’t mean he was a viking, but he is indeed fascinated by the whole viking-thing, long stuffy beard, muscles (this last one would be more like part of his future plans though, currently not visible ). What I noticed from the very beginning though was his very grounded, skeptical attitude of “I have a very clear idea of what is going on in my head, I have a very clear theory about everything. Which is not a theory, it’s the truth, of course.”

Short conversation at the very beginning of our evening:

me: “sorry, I’m after a long crazy workday, so if I might look a bit off, you know, not so fresh, that’s why”

him: “oh, darling, you look fine. Believe me, I would be the first one to tell you if you didn’t look fine. I would tell you something like ‘what’s with this face, did you just crawl out of the bed unwashed, just to come here and make an appearance, looking like this, really?’. One thing about me, I will tell you, always, in your face. So, just to know.”

me: “haha lol” (wtf…)

But let’s face it. I do like honestly. Sometimes this is so refreshing, to come across a fresh honest earthy voice. But then it just started to be to much. I guess, as I mentioned before my Libra Venus is not too much into that, I mean date-wise. Sure, I like honest, I love funny, and I adore talking about deep stuff and hearing fresh ideas and approaches to things. But, you know, there is a recipe for every type of relationship with me. And if you add too much of the earthy condiments, I might die laughing and I will want to hang around you as a friend. But no attraction. This is how it works for me.

So there was Mr Viking. Down to earth. “Where I work everyone is crazy. If there is nothing wrong with you, don’t come there. I’m actually there because of this. It’s funny. I’m the only normal one. Haha. But really.” Then we talked about annoying habbits of people at the workplace who are not able to pour themselves some milk and musli without making a huge mess in the kitchen. And eating garlicky stuff in the open office. Huh, have some Virgo in you, I wondered. Some lower octave manifestation, that is.  But then there was this deep watery gaze in his eyes and “and yeah, people are crazy and this world is gonna end anyway and I might not live to see it, but I’d want to be there, at the end of all, you know, only to sit on some buildingtop and yell at them : haha I told you so, mf’s.”

Well, hello Mr Pluto 🙂

So yeah, all that deep water in his eyes, I thought. Sure, water. It was actually nitroglycerin. Wonder how is he allowed to get on planes.

He said what he usually detects in people, a possible direction in their lives, that usually happens. Hm, should I date him or hire him as my life coach. He did mention he should be a life coach. So yeah. And yes, I checked today, he has Pluto opposite his Mercury and Sun (these two being conjunct at a 0 degree orb). Pluto in Scorpio at the 1st degree. Now as far as I know, there is a fresh, undiluted (as some say) quality about a planet on this position, relating the sign it’s in. It’s a kind of infant quality. “I’m here with all this potential which I have no clue of, to explore”.

That sounds fun with Pluto in Scorpio. Undiluted and unconscious. Uh. Opposing Sun/Mercury.

I guess now it’s obvious that this was a Taurus Sun-guy. Sun and Mercury conjunct here (and yes, at the beginning, where the sign’s qualities come through really strong) seems to make someone pretty sure about themselves. About their worldview. This is in any sign, I think, but in Taurus, man, you freaking know. You are sure. This is how it is. And if you were not fixed enough in your ideas, well, Pluto is there to help you 🙂 And it might feel like a bit of a struggle, but I think this specific opposition is not that difficult to integrate. Pluto in Scorpio adds depth to your fixations. It actually delivers them to you. In the same time, if there is a chance for revelation, coming out on the other side faster than ever, I think this particular Pluto combination is the one you need. To ground that Pluto into your being, to feel it, but not in a watery manner where you need to get to some esoteric level to connect to it, no, you have it there delivered to you on your plate, it’s your breakfast and lunch and dinner, you digest it, get it through your being, it is part of you, it is here, it is real and palpable. You don’t need archangels and meditation,  shadow work and such. It’s your life. At least it has the chance to become part of it soon enough. Well, I guess you have no other choice with this particular placement if you want to live.

So yeah, I am not surprised when he mentioned (more or less seriously) the life-coach idea. Yeah, man, go for it. Just be gentle (if it’s possible for you, somehow).

Apparently I attract plutonian people, and I’m not surprised. Most people I’m drawn to as friends and not only, have loads of Scorpio in them.

Some astrologers believe that planet Earth might be the actual ruler of Taurus, and I see where they are coming from. Yesterday, I realised how much sense this makes.

But Mr Taurus-Pluto is a bit too heavy for me. Mad Max comes to mind.  We are in the desert, the apocalypse is our present, past and future, loads of dirt and a lot of heavy machinery (for some reason the end of the world makes people wanna ride even faster. I guess the obviousness of death makes people want to get on the roller coaster and feel the speed as much as they can until they are still here. Or on the tanks, or whatever.) Scorpions are there too. But no freaking water. This is the scorpion that has never seen a drop of water.

And a very taurean epilogue.

We walk home after a generous amount of beer consumed (especially on his side). We live in the same part of the city, yay 🙂 He wants to hug me all the time and tells me he likes me so much. I feel bad that I don’t feel the anything along those lines. I want to get home. He is happy. Cars parked on the side of the road. There is this huge, white, newish and expensive looking pickup truck. He says: “I like this car”. He stops. He looks at me, determined. “I’m going to pee on it”.

Yeah, he did.

(please Taurus guys don’t get mad at me, I don’t want to imply this was some kind of Taurean-specific action. But I know you guys like quality stuff, and expensive cars sometimes. Well, he did too 🙂 )



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