The confused teacher or Chiron in the 9th house

A lot of times, I just talk about stuff with people, while I’m usually trying to understand the things I’m talking about, analysing them, tossing and turning the stir fry of ideas in my head, getting out of the conversation as feeling even more unsure than before.

When suddenly, the other person says: “Wow, thanks, you really understand this, you are able to put this in words in a way that it expresses exactly how I feel….I understand now…”. And then continues with something, apparently diverting my ideas, and tells me that their thoughts about this arrived after or during our conversation, or more exactly, my pseudo-monologue.

Sometimes they tell me that I just verbalised what they felt, they thought. And this is an amazing feeling for me, I love to inspire people. Even though, I am still left unsure and more or less confused in my mind about the subject.

And this got me thinking, maybe this is what Chiron in the 9th house could be about.As Chiron is the one who is teaching, the 9th house is high education, ideas, philosophy and yeah, even teaching. It is the teacher, the philosopher, but also the eternal student in the same time. It is the seeker’s place.

Based on my understanding related to Chiron, in its higher expression he is the one who teaches you to get further than he ever will. This, to me, is the Chiron archetype’s undiluted essence.

So in the example above, taken from my experience, I am expressing ideas, thoughts, possibilities, but I’m still confused somehow, lost in the midst of all these thoughts. Meanwhile the people who I’m talking to might be just able to get their clarity regarding where they are and what they are about. Or anything they might have had issues understanding or needed clarifying in their mind. The heureka moment, which, for me seems even further after I finished talking. I might feel even more lost.

But maybe this is what inspiration is. This is what Chiron is about. Teaching what you cannot grasp. Or rather, what you might not be able to integrate in your life. And then watching people turned on and inspired just out of the blue, when you were expecting the least, and watching them creating something beautiful out of it.

And you are still there, in the middle of the forest, having no idea what path to take. But there is a smile on your face, seeing people around you, disappearing slowly, walking their own paths with newly found self-confidence and determination.

And this is it. The moment of clarity you’ve been waiting for.



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