My first Solar Return…

This is like those gossip articles titled “This celebrity killed that celebrity” followed by the first paragraph where it’s stated that this happened, of course, in their new movie.
The same way, I had my first solar return today…since I discovered astrology and, of course, since I learned that there is such a thing as “solar return.” Continue reading


Being stuck in the second house


The astrological second house is an interesting place. It’s one of those houses which seem so easy to grasp at first. That is, if you are not exposed to some kind of crazy planetary puzzle-dilemma there. In my case, that’s at least three planets there in conjunction (I say three because I’m still not sure if my Sun is in the 12th or first it might be actually four)

Regardless, a triple conjunction is enough to make you think and try to go a bit deeper than the regular “money, wealth, riches, possessions” level.

What I realised related to this house is that there is definitely something about this place and being stuck at one point in our lives. And not knowing where this stuckness is coming from and how to get out of the quagmire.  Continue reading

When the Cancer Moon is in the eleventh house – lunar return blues


Listening to “Let the sunshine in” on repeat and crying.

Insomnia. Not that I cannot sleep. I don’t want to sleep. Why sleep? When you can cry 🙂 When there is this attractive option of listening all that Youtube has to offer in the melancholic- cathartic range? And cry my eyes out.

Yes, crying is okay, by the way. I think the world needs to hear this. Unfortunately years of “you’re too sensitive/ sensitive=bad” conditioning is still lurking with its remaining effects in me, though I tried, yeah, I tried so hard to redefine this deadly mantra to myself into something more human-friendly. Like, you know, emotions are normal. Human. To feel is to be alive. Emotions are not the enemy, they are the compass towards your souls desire.  Continue reading