Being stuck in the second house


The astrological second house is an interesting place. It’s one of those houses which seem so easy to grasp at first. That is, if you are not exposed to some kind of crazy planetary puzzle-dilemma there. In my case, that’s at least three planets there in conjunction (I say three because I’m still not sure if my Sun is in the 12th or first it might be actually four)

Regardless, a triple conjunction is enough to make you think and try to go a bit deeper than the regular “money, wealth, riches, possessions” level.

What I realised related to this house is that there is definitely something about this place and being stuck at one point in our lives. And not knowing where this stuckness is coming from and how to get out of the quagmire. 

This is how I’ve been feeling now for a long time. Actually I’ve been having these episodes of getting stuck throughout my whole life.


I’ve been thinking today that the second house is surely money, possessions, wealth, but it’s also security, safety – you know you have what is yours, it’s there so you feel secure and safe. That’s kind of a basic layer in our existence. We need to feel secure in order to be able to live, to go on adventures, to love and so on. That’s why this house is at the very beginning of the natal chart wheel. After you formed your individuality, you then need to somehow ground it, support it with what you have, what you know. Now the issue starts when you are somehow unable to connect to this security-feeling inside yourself. Which I believe is closely related with our first years, even months, and those of us could struggle with this who had a bit more unorthodox first year(s), as for example being detached from our mother too fast or being in an environment which didn’t feel so secure. In that case, when the inner security-base is not standing on solid grounds, we might be having issues with our resources, in the sense that we might get too attached to them, feeling as if there is always the danger of losing it all. Now, this might not be so obvious and conscious, as for me it sure wasn’t until I started exploring the second house and astrology in general.

I am not really interested in money, as in making money for having money, so when I first learned that the second house is about money I thought to myself, I should double check with my mother, is she really sure I was born at that time of the day?

But now, thinking about it, exploring it a bit more (and there is still a lot to learn and explore), I’m starting to realise that my issues with being stuck in life might very well be related with my second house. When I’m starting to explore something new, a field I’m interested in, be that a hobby or something, anything, I’m always approaching it (not quite consciously at first) from that angle of “will I be able to support myself with this?”.

This kind of approach has the effect of attaching anything I would be into, even things that supposed to be fun to my self worth. Because self worth is such a second house thing. I mean “net worth”, “self worth”. It’s my own value, a price tag on my head. The issue is that everything becomes sooo hard to deal with as soon as you attach that thing to your self worth. A hobby can become a burden, when you somewhere deep inside feel like you need to “master it” as if your life depended on it. And I think subconsciously this is what might happen with people with second house issues. And me having Virgo on the cusp does set the bar high here.

The “expecting too much of yourself” is definitely a second house Virgo thing. Or Saturn thing. Which I have both.

And then you can become stuck in that constant subconscious war zone, feeling that you can never have enough – money, knowledge, talent, abilities, whatever. When you see something is developing, a talent wants to show up, some interest appears – you grab it and don’t want to let it go. Every moment when it seems that is not enough for you to survive (let’s say you are developing some ability and making mistakes, of course), you become desperate. You start reliving the abandonment, the fear, the instability, the lack of security you felt when you were little. It’s a horrible feeling. You can’t let it happen to you anymore. You need to be good, smart, wealthy enough and then it will all be okay. So you can’t be average, that is not enough for survival. I mean, how many people want to make money in the world with that exact thing you are learning now, exploring now? A lot. You are not allowing yourself to make mistakes.

This approach, of course backfires in the most horrible ways. You become so stressed (that is what we can call “existential stress”, I think) that you cannot focus, you lose the connection with the talents you were trying to develop, for example. Fear doesn’t really help here, quite the opposite. So a vicious circle of “not good enough” is just about to emerge from this situation.

You become stuck. In a job you don’t like. In a situation where you are not happy but you are afraid to risk to face your mistakes because you could realise you are not good enough, you cannot earn enough from doing what you love. Of course one might survive stuck in their second house. But is it worth it? And I’m saying this, even though I’m terrified of all the things I just mentioned above. But staying stuck in the second house is not a life, really. Especially when one is still lying to themselves about their desperate need to feel secure, and the fear of not being able to “make it on your own”.

Though maybe having difficult placements here in the second house might actually help us to face these fears. I would like to end this by putting out here the magic formula about how to successfully manage these issues, but I don’t have any simple recipe (not even a less simple one). Right now for me is mostly about gradually shedding light on these little second house monsters. There are more like scared children actually, not really monsters as I see them. So maybe some love would help. You know, the miracle cure everyone is talking about – a generous amount of self love 🙂


3 thoughts on “Being stuck in the second house

  1. Reblogged this on Astrology Learning and Secrets and commented:
    I have my Sun in the second house in Aquarius and Mercury in Pisces is also there (Tropical, Topocentric). Although one would think that money would be a priority in my life, it has never been so. I like having money but could never bring myself to base any of my actions on the money issue. So, I’ve had a wild and interesting life with the sort of freedom (Aquarius) and oddball attitude about life (Mercury in Pisces) that thrills me emotionally, but have only experienced short periods of being financially stable. 2nd house has a lot more to it than many astrologers might think.


    • Yeah, it’s so interesting how deep one can go into any specific sign, house or planet’s archetype. And scary in the same time – giving you the feeling of drowning in the sea of endless possibilities. And I’m back again at the “one can never know enough” to feel safe in their knowledge- 2nd house type of fear 🙂
      That’s an interesting placement to have, I would also imagine second house Aquarian Sun not to be too attached to the idea of money and neither Mercury in Pisces. Also it seems to me that where we have Aquarius in our chart it tends to get a bit chaotic at times, in that house. But I guess it doesn’t get boring with Mercury in Pisces anyway 🙂


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