Alice square Neptune or Mercury in Wonderland

Mercury: I’m afraid I’m losing it.

Neptune: How do you know you haven’t already?


So Alice was this girl with the apron. No, not Cinderella, but you are close, because she was a Virgo sun. Alice was sitting on a chair looking out the window, and thinking.

“I hope I did everything I had to. So they will be happy now, and everything will be okay.”

Alice was kind of worried all the time about doing things right, apparently. It was her thing. Her parents were usually satisfied with Alice, and they told her that she is a smart girl as she did well in school. Apparently that made them happy. They just weren’t really expressing emotions, they weren’t telling her that they loved her and they never hugged her. It wasn’t their thing.

“So cool, I finished homework, everything. Let’s continue reading that book now.”

But the book was nowhere to be found. She looked under her bed and some kind of white rabbit-looking creature stared back at her.



“No, my name is Neptune”

“Isn’t that a planet?” – asked Alice

“Oh, you know stuff, I see. Well, yeah, sure, people are referring to this planet by the name of Neptune. It’s blue. Like the ocean. Do you like the ocean?”

“Hm, not sure, I have never been there. Only at the Black Sea. It must be similar though. I love to swim. I remember last year we were… Hey, what are you…sleeping?”

“What? Yeah, the ocean. Black Sea. Sure. Man, I’ve had a series of rough nights here. Kind of boring around.”

“I know” – said Alice. “But they like it like this, calm and clear. And I did my homework so I think everything must be fine.”

The rabbit was looking at Alice with what we would call “big round rabbit eyes”. As we are obsessed to call everything something.

“I thought I got the wrong address, but now I’m sure I’m in the right place. You must be the chosen one”

Alice got scared.

“I am what? Jesus”

“No, not that one. Another one. Come on pack your stuff, we must leave now”

“Wait. What? I have to finish doing some stuff. And then take my pills.”

“Oh gosh. This is not that story either, the one with the blue pill and red pill or whatever. This is a different story. Alice’s story”

“Alice, like me? Khrrr…what are you doing, we are not allowed to smoke here in my room?? What is that? Wait…”

“Yes we are allowed. We are allowed to do any freaking thing we want. This is not your room anymore. Or let’s say it is. Only we are in a different dimension now, if you wish. Ah, humans and their words. Why do we still have to force the universe to squeeze through these small dead symbols you people call words? Don’t you see, you’re distorting everything. All is plastic now. And then you complain that the world doesn’t make sense to you. Or worse, you actually try to make sense of it. Relax, Alice.”

Alice actually appeared to look extremely relaxed. She never looked as relaxed as she did now. She was smiling, but in a calm, dare I say, slightly disturbing way. That is, from our boring point of view. The one that needs to squeeze what happened through these terrible words we use.

“This all doesn’t make any sense” – said Alice with a big smile around her face as her whole body came alive. “And this is the most amazing thing that ever happened to me. Colours.”

“Blue. We are where you wanted to be. For so long.” – said Neptune the white rabbit, and he seemed to turn blueish, more like a projection of a moving blue-white gradient.

“I don’t have words to describe how I feel. And the amazing thing is I don’t feel the need to do that, as I always do. But now everything is so…” – said Alice.

“Beep” – said the rabbit aka Neptune aka blue gradient. “Or beep beep bee beep”. Whatever you say, however you say it, it doesn’t matter. What matters is what is….what is…”

Alice was spinning like crazy in the meantime, spinning with an incredible speed around a huge purple cloud. She was crying and laughing in the same time. Quietly but truthfully. She was so happy. She was so alive. She realised how lost she had felt for such a long time. And now she felt that she finally found what she was looking for all along. Even though she couldn’t call “that” a name. There was no need to define anything. And it was the most amazing feeling ever.


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