Plutonians and relationships (a post-Plutonian approach)

Is there such thing as passion in a non-Plutonian connection? Does a relationship have to be Plutonian in order for us to experience a passionate love connection? By passionate I mean not boring, I mean a connection between people that is helping them grow and helping them explore the universe around and inside them.

I believe that if we are able to imagine a question then there is a possibility¬†to find a positive (and also negative) answer to that question. So, based on this, I believe it’s possible to be in a fulfilling and passionate relationship which doesn’t have to be Plutonian. Continue reading


7th house vs. 11th house – differences between relationship and friendship


Traditionally, the 7th house is considered the house that deals with (mainly) intimate relationships and the 11th is the designated place where we look for friendships. Among other things.

But now I’d like to focus on these two.

There has been an interesting approach I cam across lately, that some astrologers came to the conclusion that the 11th house is less about friendships and this would be more of a 7th house domain as well, in their opinion. They argued that a close friend and an intimate romantic relationship would belong together under the umbrella of the 7th house.

And, in a way, I can see the point here. We could say that the 7th house is about one-on-one relationships, while the 11th is more about loose group-like associations. Continue reading

What the general reaction to planetary placements says about society

I’ve noticed so many times people complaining about having Moon in Cancer, and actually read in some places people with this placement saying that they would much rather prefer having Moon in Capricorn. But Moon is in its domicile in Cancer. For me, when a planet is in its domicile doesn’t only say that this planet is in its “happy place”, it also says that the planet is expressed most naturally in their domicile, the planet is closest to its basic human function being in its domicile.¬† Continue reading