What the general reaction to planetary placements says about society

I’ve noticed so many times people complaining about having Moon in Cancer, and actually read in some places people with this placement saying that they would much rather prefer having Moon in Capricorn. But Moon is in its domicile in Cancer. For me, when a planet is in its domicile doesn’t only say that this planet is in its “happy place”, it also says that the planet is expressed most naturally in their domicile, the planet is closest to its basic human function being in its domicile. 

So, for example Mercury is most natural in Gemini and Virgo, the Moon in Cancer, the Sun in Leo, Jupiter in Sag and so on. When we map all this together, we get to the map of the human soul. If I look at the planets as different functions of the mind-body-soul – the human wholeness, and the signs as energies flowing through these functions, then the energy flows most naturally through when it’s connected to its natural ruler (I don’t like the word “ruler” as I’m seeing all this as an organic experience but you get the picture). On the default map of the human wholeness all the planets are in their domiciles.

That is, in my view the original, natural, and effortless state of flow. Or being in the now, if you wish.

So what does it say about a society where people (who express and live out their society’s ideals) are not embracing a planet being in its domicile? I think it shows that something has seriously  deviated from its natural way of existence. In a society where Moon in Cancer is considered by many such a difficult place to be in, makes you wonder about how much the balance is inclined towards (an unnatural form of) patriarchy where science became the new religion (with the added dogma and inquisition) and spirituality, intuition, turning inward for answers have become the objects of this before mentioned witch-hunt, where humanity is turning against itself.

In my experience, most people have a positive attitude towards having their Sun in Leo. Don’t tell me that’s because Leo is a positive sign, and Leos are proud people. Everyone should embrace their Sun sign proudly, but it’s reflected mainly in the social ideals how excited we actually are about our particular placements.

But, as they say, the cure is in the pain. So, in this way, astrology might show a way back to a more balanced state of human existence. Just by noticing the general reaction to specific placement we might be able to paint a good picture about how far we went off course and where to go to fix it. Might be easier than it seems.


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