7th house vs. 11th house – differences between relationship and friendship


Traditionally, the 7th house is considered the house that deals with (mainly) intimate relationships and the 11th is the designated place where we look for friendships. Among other things.

But now I’d like to focus on these two.

There has been an interesting approach I cam across lately, that some astrologers came to the conclusion that the 11th house is less about friendships and this would be more of a 7th house domain as well, in their opinion. They argued that a close friend and an intimate romantic relationship would belong together under the umbrella of the 7th house.

And, in a way, I can see the point here. We could say that the 7th house is about one-on-one relationships, while the 11th is more about loose group-like associations.

But observing the Aquarius’ way of relating to people, it is, in my experience an Aquarian tendency to have several friends and get “close” to all types of people from all walks of life. Though this closeness is not really a 7th house type of intimate closeness, where your BFF knows all your secrets and you feel like they are your soulmate, only a non-romantic one. Nope, in case of the Aquarius, their friendships are more like associations, more loose, more flexible. The parts are more independent in the relationship.

Even if it is a one-on-one type of relationship, the intimate emotional bond is not so strong.

Also, maybe, these are the types of relationships that can go for long time without contact, and they might fall apart or might come together again later.

You never know. Unpredictable, yeah, that’s definitely an 11th house way of relating to things.

I have my Moon and Mars in the 11th house, and even though they are in Cancer I’ve been experiencing these types of friendships which just dissolve at one point. Though that could be also related to the fact that my 7th house is Pisces. Even so, these endings were rather sudden, best friends just deciding to move to the other side of the country, another one in high school just flat out told me that she feels she needs to move on and be friends with “another group”, and also some strange sudden conflicts with other friends. These seem more 11th house to me.

In the same time, because of my 11th house placements, I never had that type of very close friend with whom I’d feel like I would be in an intimate close (non-romantic) relationship.

So, it seems to me that maybe both the 11th and the 7th house can be about relationships. But while the 7th house deals with close, intimate bonds, be that one-on-one relationship, friendship, family members, or even a group where all people are incredibly close, a “brotherhood” of some kind, the 11th house would be the place of more loose relationships, associations, regardless if it’s a friendship, a business association or whatever.

This is how it seems to me now, but, of course, I’m an 11th house person, so my perspective might change anytime, just like that.



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