Plutonians and relationships (a post-Plutonian approach)

Is there such thing as passion in a non-Plutonian connection? Does a relationship have to be Plutonian in order for us to experience a passionate love connection? By passionate I mean not boring, I mean a connection between people that is helping them grow and helping them explore the universe around and inside them.

I believe that if we are able to imagine a question then there is a possibility to find a positive (and also negative) answer to that question. So, based on this, I believe it’s possible to be in a fulfilling and passionate relationship which doesn’t have to be Plutonian.

But in this case maybe passion is not the best word to describe it. The word  passion seem to have its origins in the Latin passio, respectively the verb pati, meaning to suffer. In this case we can think of the dual nature of our existence, where the highest highs and the lowest lows are two sides of the same coin.

So then, if passion and suffering go together, being a very Plutonian pair, what is the word, the experience that describes a relationship where there is still place to grow and there is excitement, enjoyment and exploration of inner and outer galaxies ?

I remember I heard Teal Swan (spiritual speaker/teacher) saying that if we would have had all our needs met and wounds healed we wouldn’t want to be in relationships. And this is an interesting approach. Though in this case it goes back to wanting to be in a relationship because of ones needs, because otherwise we would feel broken and lonely, so the relationship is viewed as a solution, as a patch. In the same time, the same type of relationship (which is, most of the relationships now on planet Earth, I think) is a huge platform for personal growth, a huge mirror “forced” on ourselves to push our buttons until we recognise the pattern and release it. Or, until we learn to ignore it thus creating another wound, in my opinion. These people learn to live with the wound, they choose to be blind to it, because it’s very painful to look at it and deal with it. Also, because this is how we were taught to live in a society which viewed relationships as a crutch needed to survive in a “bad world” not as a learning platform or as a way of sharing our excitement and love for life. So this kind of relationship becomes a mechanism which might torture you daily, and what we do is that we identify with our shadow self and we don’t believe that we deserve better.

In the same time, there is another type of relationship, or maybe it can be a combination of some elements of growth from the above, but with the clarity of where we are and the awareness of what is happening. This could be a platform of sharing our passion. Again, I’m not sure I’m using the right word here. So let’s reformulate. A platform for sharing our excitement, our ecstatic appreciation for life, where we can create a flow-like state together with the other person. A relationship that is not born from the need to survive in a cruel world, but it’s based on our desire to share our love in the world. And by putting forward this intention, we are attracting a kind of relationship that is real and has depth to it, it’s ecstatic but not painful.

It’s still difficult for me to imagine this though. There is deep fear inside me, telling me that there can be no highs without lows, that I’ll have to spend half of my time in hell in order to be able to see the beauty of the universe. Like Persephone did.

Yes, some of us are deeply Plutonian, we can’t imagine that a relationship based on freedom can exist, we are reluctant to the idea of an intimate human connection which does not cut deep into each others souls, we live for this depth, we live for this state of total devotion, of being devoured by love, of giving ourselves completely away and expecting no less in return. I know this too well.

But what if I told you, that there is another way. That there is a way, which is not operating “underground”, which is not based on crazy psychic cords between people and which is much about recreating the magic in every moment. And it is real, it’s more real than the crazy obsessions, it’s more authentic than giving yourself totally away. Because you get to “keep yourself”, get your boundaries respected, thus fulfilling your needs. Your REAL needs, not the ones you think you have in a obsessive raging moment. You know those fake needs are only fueling your old wounds, and will never make you content. It’s an interesting game, and I’ve been playing it a long time and I’m still not over that, but I’m starting to see for what it is. A recreation of old trauma. Is it completely wrong and damaging? No. It actually wants to help you identify the old wound by showing it to you over and over again, recreating the same pain. So then you can choose to release it.

We can become addicted to this game, but at one point it will be enough. The pain will be enough. Yes, I think Plutonians will always be Plutonians, and we will always feel extremely deeply (especially Moon-Pluto people), but what if we could transcend the self torturing madness part of it. Eventually Pluto is all about that, transcendence, deep transformation.

This is a subject that fascinates me and I think I’ll be going much deeper into various aspects of it later.


2 thoughts on “Plutonians and relationships (a post-Plutonian approach)

  1. Relationship dynamics fascinate me as well. I’m interested in astrology but also confused by it. I don’t really know where to begin. Are there any resources that you recommend? Astrology for Dummies maybe or something better?

    I’ve been reading about the traits of certain signs. I am a Sagittarius and a good friend of mine is also one – we have a lot of similar traits. So then I’m thinking maybe I should just find more Sagittarians and we can form a gang. Hehe. 🙂

    I also have been watching YouTube tarot readings for my sign. They are sometimes scarily accurate.


    • Yeah, I started getting into astrology in a rather chaotic fashion. Watching Youtube videos, reading articles. But I think what I could recommend if you are interested is the Cafe astrology site:
      Here, you could enter your birth data, and then it will generate a natal chart report for you, which will explain the meaning of the planets and their placements in your chart and it’s a very good learning resource, because it is through your own chart first, so you also will have more motivation to read through (at least this is what worked for me). In the beginning it might seem too much information, so you might just read parts of it. What I did, is that I used this as a “learning base”, and from there I started searching different sources about the same stuff. For example I discovered that my Moon is in Cancer (which made so much sense, regarding my sensitivity and such), so then I started Googling Moon in Cancer and read different interpretations. So it somehow all started to make sense and stick together in an organic way.
      For a basic what is what, I found this site: – how to read your own chart. You might find it helpful to combine it with the cafe astrology chart interpretation.
      What I use now mainly is, it doesn’t have the descriptions about placements and aspects as cafe astrology has, but the layout for the natal chart is better looking.
      Hope this made some sense, maybe I’ll write a blog post about the sources I’ve found 🙂

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