Mars in Cancer and a little story about empowerment


I spent nearly the whole day today worrying and calculating if I should take a certain online course or not. This would be a class related to working remotely and wasn’t a very cheap one. In the same time, thinking about it logically, it would be the perfect opportunity for me, to use my webdesign&development skills, to become independent , to be able to travel and so on. Just now, writing this, I feel the fear arising in my body. The worry, because all this above nice and clean logic sends an alarm message to my brain. And that message is a thought: “you are wrong for not taking that class”. Continue reading

Progressed Moon in Scorpio – my experience

Welcome to your own personal ride through the muddy waters of hell.

I am going through this progression as we speak, currently at 23 and something degrees Scorpio. And counting…Honestly (and you can be only honest during this transition unless you want some kind of sudden psychosomatic illness to hit you) I cannot wait for this to end and counting down the days until my progressed Moon will step into Sag (champaigne time ­čÖé ). Continue reading

Bentinho Massaro – birth chart impressions

This will be my first article in this category, I wouldn’t quite name it birth chart reading because it will be more of an essence based insight on what shows up to me as important and interesting.

Bentinho Massaro has been inspiring me through his videos these days, and most of what he is talking about certainly resonates with me, and I tend to get curious about people’s charts when I find them interesting. So I did some digging as Bentinho’s birth date wasn’t out in the open to be found. Meaning it needed more in depth googling ­čÖé Thanks to my Virgoan detective skills I managed to put two and two together and it gave me 13th of March 1988. Now I cannot guarantee 100% that this is the accurate date, but hopefully it is. Continue reading

Long time no think straight – about Neptune-Mercury transit

fischer-1559753_1920Yes. As the title says. I could try to formulate it eloquently but I’d fail. So I’ll stick to short sentences for now. We’ll see later.
Neptune is a nice planet, nice is maybe a very trivial word to describe it, but some consider it the higher octave of Venus, so nice would fit well. Other than that, Neptune is spirituality, hazy lights, dreams and colours, psychedelics, the Universe, All that is, endless waters, psychics and psychotics, some say thieves and liars, but I suppose Neptune itself would not suffice for that, as Neptune is non-action, so there would be the need for another more active planet, let’s say, Mercury. Oh, no. But really, the Neptune-Mercury transit doesn’t have to go there. Nothing stolen, no big lies. Continue reading

Plutonians and relationships (a post-Plutonian approach)

Is there such thing as passion in a non-Plutonian connection? Does a relationship have to be Plutonian in order for us to experience a passionate love connection? By passionate I mean not boring, I mean a connection between people that is helping them grow and helping them explore the universe around and inside them.

I believe that if we are able to imagine a question then there is a possibility┬áto find a positive (and also negative) answer to that question. So, based on this, I believe it’s possible to be in a fulfilling and passionate relationship which doesn’t have to be Plutonian. Continue reading

7th house vs. 11th house – differences between relationship and friendship


Traditionally, the 7th house is considered the house that deals with (mainly) intimate relationships and the 11th is the designated place where we look for friendships. Among other things.

But now I’d like to focus on these two.

There has been an interesting approach I cam across lately, that some astrologers came to the conclusion that the 11th house is less about friendships and this would be more of a 7th house domain as well, in their opinion. They argued that a close friend and an intimate romantic relationship would belong together under the umbrella of the 7th house.

And, in a way, I can see the point here. We could say that the 7th house is about one-on-one relationships, while the 11th is more about loose group-like associations. Continue reading

What the general reaction to planetary placements says about society

I’ve noticed so many times people complaining about having Moon in Cancer, and actually read in some places people with this placement saying that they would much rather prefer having Moon in Capricorn. But Moon is in its domicile in Cancer. For me, when a planet is in its domicile doesn’t only say that this planet is in its “happy place”, it also says that the planet is expressed most naturally in their domicile, the planet is closest to its basic human function being in its domicile.┬á Continue reading